Central Illinois Police
& Working Dog Association


Our “Main Training Day” is Saturday. We will start at 9:00 am and work in all three phases of the Sport. Finish time will depend on how many are in attendance, and what needs there are for each team; as well as individual schedules

Our “Secondary Training Days” are Tuesdays and Thursdays. These sessions will generally start after 5:00 pm, as soon as Daylight Saving Time begins. Finish time during the week will depend on the number in attendance and the available daylight, as well as individual schedules. The primary training focus will be Protection and Obedience on these nights.


Established members notify the Training Director in advance of their arrival, in order to insure a properly prepared session. Visitors or prospective applicants for membership need to call Mike West at (309)-385-4419 prior to any visit, in case there has been a change in the regularly scheduled sessions

Visitors are also encouraged to come for the first visit without their dog(s). The first time a dog does come with the handler, a $25.00 (per dog ) “Evaluation Fee” is assessed, and is applicable to the first year’s dues, if the applicant and dog are voted into the club. This fee is not refundable, should it happen that the applicant is not voted into membership. “Parent Club Dues” will be the responsibility of the individual.

obfieldTo offset regularly incurred expenses, a “Guest Training Fee” of $10.00 per dog (per visit) is required of non-members wishing to use any of the facility for any training purposes.

When Seminars, Trials, or Shows are held on the club grounds, a “Gate Pass”, or “Parking Fee” of some sort may be charged.

The only exception to the “Training Fee” or the “Gate Pass / Parking Fee” is when the attendee is a Judge or Parent Club Officer of the G.S.D.C.A., U.S.C. of A., G.S.S.C.C., D.V.G., or the SV. Consideration of this waiver may also be granted to Officers and Judges of the U.S.P.C.A. and N.A.P.W.D.A. Any conflict or questions arising from these provisions will be resolved immediately by the Training Director and/or any Board Member present on the grounds or at the event.